Residential Windows Cleaning

residential cleaning

Here in Canada, every little bit of sunshine is precious and we love to enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. And besides, clean windows simply look good! The only problem with window cleaning is that it is a tedious and risky chore. Even if you don’t end up breaking anything or hitting your knee on the window sill, the process is not pleasant.

But we can make it all so much easier for you. Window Cleaning for residential properties will arrive at your home at your convenience and do it all for you. Our service is impeccable, the prices we charge are far below average, and we give discounts to returning customers and large jobs.

All our tools are super smooth, with no rough edges that can harm your windows. We never use squeegees on long handles that save the cleaner a climb on the ladder. Those leave splashes everywhere, don’t clean the window properly and run the risk of breaking something. We won’t cut any corners to make our own life easier. Our in-house dedicated staff will always take the time, climb the ladder and administer a touch to every square inch of window of your home.

We place great importance on environmental concerns, and so our detergents and window cleaning substances are all natural, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. We will risk no allergic reactions or irritations that can be induced by conventional chemicals. You are safe with us.

We operate in the Greater Toronto Area, including Concord, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and more. In addition to windows, we clean residential gutters, fascias and downspouts, as well as install gutter and downspout guards. Call us 7 days a week at (647)-801-1497.