Commercial Windows Cleaning

commercial windowsWelcome to EZ Window Cleaning, your best choice of commercial window cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Commercial window cleaning is not the same as residential. There are many more considerations that this type of window cleaning entirely different. It depends on the type of commercial cleaning that we mean:

  1. Commercial property windows – storefronts, office building windows, restaurant windows etc.
  2. Newly built properties that have to be cleaned of construction related dirt before the building (store, home, restaurant) can be turned over to the buyer.

The first type of commercial property will have its own specifics, such as large, floor to ceiling windows in storefronts, problems with the use of chemicals in restaurant kitchen windows and other considerations that a company needs to be prepared to when taking on the job.

The second type of property is even trickier, since the windows will often have splashes of set concrete and paint that cannot be removed by conventional means and with home-use products. The tools and chemicals used for this type of window cleaning should be entirely different.

We are experienced in and equipped for both kinds of jobs. With tall ladders, special, soft tools that won’t scratch the windows and chemicals that will soften even the most stubborn construction dirt so it can be removed with ease.

Our service comes with a full insurance coverage, which eliminates even the most remote danger of anything going wrong. With us you are completely covered. No project is too big, and we have experience working on whole construction sites, like new townhouses or whole groups of finished private homes for sale.

In addition to commercial window cleaning, we also work or fascias, gutters, downspouts and other metallic parts that often need construction residue removed from as well. We respond to calls and emails within a 24 hour period and can normally provide same day service. We cover a wide area, spanning the GTA, including Vaughan, Concord, and Richmond hill.

Call us 7 days a week at (647)-801-1497 and get your commercial property windows nice and shiny for your partners or customers to enjoy!