About Our Company

Living in a home with sparkling, bright windows is a pleasure, and is a valuable thing all year round. Cleaning your own windows, however, can sometimes be a dangerous, tedious chore. Delegating this job to someone else is a really good idea. Especially when it is someone who has the tools and training to access the windows on all floors and get them squeaky-clean for you in a matter of just a few hours.

We are not just another windows cleaning company. We are professionals that invest in customer service, the best possible tools and products, and make sure to get the job done to your best satisfaction and in the minimum amount of time.

Residential windows cleaning

residential cleaning

Here in Canada, every little bit of sunshine is precious and we love to enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. And besides, clean windows simply look good! The only problem with window cleaning is that it is a tedious and risky chore. Even if you don’t end up breaking anything or hitting your knee on the window sill, the process is not pleasant.

Commercial windows cleaning

commercial windowsWelcome to EZ Window Cleaning, your best choice of commercial window cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. Commercial window cleaning is not the same as residential. There are many more considerations that this type of window cleaning entirely different. It depends on the type of commercial cleaning that we mean: